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Research Proposal - work in progress

Before you begin, you must submit your application to be accepted as a student or PhD Candidate at the Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN) at the following link: In addition, you must send your CV and a Research Proposal for approval to the Faculty of Psychology at UCN, the International School of Psychology. The documents should be sent to the following email:

 To write your research proposal, we created this Moodle course, as a support. Your research proposal is personal, on the topic you wish to research. You should describe the problem you would like to solve, the objective, the basic ideas guiding your research (hypothesis), what you already know about the scientific literature and research on your problem, the methods and your planned timeline for your research. By clicking on "What is a research proposal?" below you will find a 7-minute motivational video on: "Do you dare to dream?". This motivational video is just to inspire you to dream about what exactly it is that you would like to research scientifically.

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